Fun yet challenging short course

Pitch & Putt

The design of our Pitch & Putt course guarantees fun and makes it accessible to all types of players. With a fairly flat course, no water hazards and dotted with bunkers, players can work on their short game and approach shot.
  • 9 holes with doble tees
  • 1.315 meters
  • Holes range from 44 to 108 meters
Course map

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Holes on the course

Hoyo 1

Par 3
89 Hcp. 3
79 Hcp. 4

The course starts with a hole on a slight slope and a fairway with no hazards, lined by olive trees to the left and right. The green banks lightly from right to left.

Hoyo 2

Par 3
73 Hcp. 9
80 Hcp. 8

Playing from an elevated tee, hitters must watch out for the trees, the net to the right, and the deep bunker that protects a fairly small green with a right to left slope.

Hoyo 3

Par 3
64 Hcp. 15
55 Hcp. 18

The course’s shortest and easiest hole. The fairly large green has a plateau in the middle and slopes lightly from right to left.

Hoyo 4

Par 3
108 Hcp. 1
87 Hcp. 6

The course’s longest hole. A row of trees to the right of the fairway marks the out of bounds. The green, sloping diagonally from right to left, is guarded by two bunkers.

Hoyo 5

Par 3
67 Hcp. 7
53 Hcp. 14

Hole 5 is easy; the challenge comes with the second round of the course, since the Hole 14 tee is on the golf course. Players must make a solid shot to overcome the trees that separate the two courses. The large green slopes from left to right and has a slight plateau which crosses it diagonally.

Hoyo 6

Par 3
65 Hcp. 13
71 Hcp. 10

Just like Hole 14, the tee is on the golf course, requiring players to make a shot over the trees that separate the two courses.

Hoyo 7

Par 3
78 Hcp. 11
85 Hcp. 12

Hole with a fairway bordered by a line of trees on the right that mark out of bounds. The green is large and narrow.

Hoyo 8

Par 3
44 Hcp. 17
54 Hcp. 16

The course’s shortest hole with a steep plateau green.

Hoyo 9

Par 3
77 Hcp. 5
86 Hcp. 2

Challenging hole with a lightly elevated tee. Its green, slightly upslope, is protected by bunkers. A great hole to finish a fantastic round of Pitch & Putt.

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