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The Golf Course

Nestled between the Pyrenees and the Costa Brava, caressed by a Mediterranean climate and blending seamlessly into the stunning nature of the Empordà (source of inspiration for great masters like Dalí) on our course you can play the rounds of your dreams
  • 18-hole
  • 6.070 meters
  • Par 71
  • 4 tees at each hole
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Holes on the course

Hoyo 1

Par 4
287 Hcp. 18 284 Hcp. 18
235 Hcp. 18 237 Hcp. 18

The course starts with a wide-open fairway and a bunker on the left, which slightly increases the difficulty level. The wide green has a strong slope.

Hoyo 2

Par 4
393 Hcp. 2 351 Hcp. 2
301 Hcp. 4 310 Hcp. 4

The most difficult hole on the course. The tee shot is tough due to an out of bounds on the left and a small forest to the right. The green is also protected by two large bunkers, making this hole a real challenge for all players.

Hoyo 3

Par 4
358 Hcp. 8 336 Hcp. 8
295 Hcp. 6 303 Hcp. 6

Hole with a dogleg to the left and a lateral hazard that players will have to avoid on the second shot. The green is flanked by three bunkers.

Hoyo 4

Par 5
494 Hcp. 16 460 Hcp. 16
388 Hcp. 10 440 Hcp. 10

The course’s first par 5. The fairway features a hazard on the right and an out of bounds on the left. There is a tight landing zone off the tee at the fall of the drive, while the long and narrow green is slightly elevated.

Hoyo 5

Par 4
360 Hcp. 6 346 Hcp. 6
311 Hcp. 2 317 Hcp. 2

One of the toughest holes on the course. A dogleg to the left and the iconic cork oak that grows in the middle of the fairway calls for players to make a do-or-die first shot. The green is protected by a bunker on its left.

Hoyo 6

Par 3
200 Hcp. 4 186 Hcp. 4
128 Hcp. 16 140 Hcp. 16

The course’s first par 3 features an elevated tee. A long and difficult hole due to the hazards placed right before the green and also to the right. Two-tiered green with left and right bunkers.

Hoyo 7

Par 5
539 Hcp. 10 485 Hcp. 10
390 Hcp. 8 438 Hcp. 8

Par 5 that ends with a dogleg to the right. The entire right side of the fairway is protected by a hazard that crosses in front of the green, while an out of bounds sits to the left. Placing the ball on the small green surrounded by two bunkers demands the player’s skill.

Hoyo 8

Par 4
321 Hcp. 14 306 Hcp. 14
260 Hcp. 12 267 Hcp. 12

This Par 4 is not very long. Its difficulty lies in the first shot with which you must pass the large frontal water hazard and avoid a bunker that resides on the left of the fairway. The second shot to reach the green is frank, but difficult due to its two platforms and huge slopes.

Hoyo 9

Par 3
168 Hcp. 12 160 Hcp. 12
120 Hcp. 14 128 Hcp. 14

Par 3 with a large pond surrounding the green to the right and back and a bunker defending the front. Players may have to use a wood off the tee when the region’s famous Tramontana wind is blowing.

Hoyo 10

Par 4
323 Hcp. 11 307 Hcp. 11
266 Hcp. 11 272 Hcp. 11

Avoiding the out of bounds on either side of the fairway and two bunkers makes this hole a challenge.

Hoyo 11

Par 4
323 Hcp. 9 315 Hcp. 9
272 Hcp. 9 283 Hcp. 9

Continuously slanting hole with a flat, blind green guarded by a bunker to the left.

Hoyo 12

Par 3
161 Hcp. 13 151 Hcp. 13
118 Hcp. 17 136 Hcp. 17

This challenging hole calls for players to avoid the five bunkers that protect a large green.

Hoyo 13

Par 5
512 Hcp. 5 496 Hcp. 5
426 Hcp. 5 441 Hcp. 5

The course’s longest par 5. With a total distance of 512 meters and a wide fairway, this hole is where long drivers can shine. A two-tiered green is well-guarded by a large bunker on the left. In short, a true challenge for any player.

Hoyo 14

Par 3
153 Hcp. 17 143 Hcp. 17
122 Hcp. 15 137 Hcp. 15

Short hole that demands a well-placed tee shot on the green for the best chance to make par. Bunkers surrounding the green make the hole even more challenging.

Hoyo 15

Par 4
402 Hcp. 7 362 Hcp. 7
299 Hcp. 7 302 Hcp. 7

The course’s longest par 4 and one of its most difficult. Flanked by a cork oak forest on either side of the fairway, the green is well-defended by a bunker on the right.

Hoyo 16

Par 4
384 Hcp. 1 345 Hcp. 1
286 Hcp. 1 315 Hcp. 1

Tough par 4 with a hazard that runs along the entire left side of the fairway, crossing it about 80 meters from the green, and a large pond between this hazard and the green.

Hoyo 17

Par 5
478 Hcp. 3 470 Hcp. 3
381 Hcp. 3 423 Hcp. 3

The course’s last par 5. A long hazard on the left crosses the fairway on the approach to a green that is guarded by a wall of trees that make for a difficult third shot.

Hoyo 18

Par 3
214 Hcp. 15 166 Hcp. 15
132 Hcp. 13 161 Hcp. 13

Players must face a tee shot of up to 214m on the par 3 final hole. The spectacular tee is located on an island within a lake. The green, wide and with two very accentuated platforms, is protected by two bunkers.

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