27 Jan - 29 Jan (ENDED)

Campionat de Peralada(WAGR)

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Competition description

From 27th to 29th January we celebrate the Peralada Championship (WAGR), a scoring event for the R&A and USGA World Amateur Golf Ranking and scoring for the FCGolf Grand Prix Rankings of 2023 in the following categories: Absolute, Boy and Girl.

The modality is 54 holes Stroke Play at the rate of 18 holes each day.

Tee bars: white (men) and blue (women).



Training will be available after registration on 24 and 25 January 2023.

-19 years and over: 45€

-Up to 18 years old: 30€

Bookings by email or telephone: casa.club@golfperalada.com. 972 53 82 87



We will close registrations on Wednesday 25th January at 14:00 and we will publish the list of admitted players on Wednesday 25th January at 18:00 (admissions according to handicap).

On Thursday 26th we will publish the tee times.

Within the 72 players accepted, there may be a maximum of 15 participants of foreign nationality not federated by the RFEG. All must send a handicap certificate at the time of registration to casa.club@golfperalada.com.

The registration fee is 120€ for all registered players who will be 19 years of age or older in 2023 and 90€ for players up to 18 years of age. 
The player must pay the registration fee at the Club House when collecting the card.
All players with a green card from the Federació Catalana de Golf must also pay where indicated, and request a refund at gruiz@catgolf.com once the tournament is over.



Tee-off times will be in order of handicap on the first day and in order of inverse Scratch result from the second day onwards (the highest handicap will always be used as the tie-breaker).


Registrations strictly through the form or via email to casa.club@golfperalada.com indicating name, RFEG licence, handicap, and telephone number.

For more information, please read the Competition Terms.


Champion, champion, runner-up and runner-up scratch champion

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