9-hole course with double tee off, with a total distance of 1315 meters, with variations holes between 44 and 108 meters. Built between the golf course and driving range, it is considered flat, without water hazards but significant presence of bunkers. A convenient and enjoyable course, ideal for players lovers of short games.

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Hole 1 – 79 meters | Hole 10 – 89 meters First, a slightly uphill hole without significant obstacles to the green. Left out of bounds a little bit that fits right and an olive songée. The green slightly uphill, north, not very large with slopes left and right. At bottom virtual reality glasses right of the hole with the practice of the safety net.

Hole 2 – 80 meters | Hole 11 – 73 meters It’s a lightly downhill tee. Be carefully of the trees and  the net on the right of the driving range before the bunker on the left. The green has slope from right to left and is quite small.

Hole 3 – 55 meters | Hole 12 – 64 meters This is a short hole where we find no obstacle. On the right a row of trees define the out of bounds and the left front tee a couple of trees that should not come into play. The green is quite large , with a piano in the center and a slight angle from right to left.

Hole 4 – 87 meters | Hole 13 – 108 metros It is the longest hole on the route. To the right a row of street trees define the out of bounds limits. We found two big bunkers , one in the center- right of the green and the other smaller left. The green is quite large, with a slight slope from right to left .

Hole 5 – 53 meters | Hole 14 – 67 meters Short hole where the tee boxis on 18 holes course. We will go over the row of trees that border the Pitch & Putt Golf with Golf, this is the main difficulty of the hole.The green is quite large, with a light piano that crosses diagonally sloping from left to right

Hole 6 – 71 meters | Hole 15 – 65 meters Very similar to the previous hole, the tee is short and the tee box is also located in the 18 holes course.  We will go over the row of trees that border the Pitch & Putt with golf. The green is small and completely flat.

Hole 7 – 85 meters | Hole 16 – 78 meters The only real danger of this hole is a row of trees with a lateral water hazard. The green is long and narrow sloping upwards and defining the bottom with the famous trench separating Golf and Pitch & Putt.

Hole 8 – 54 meters | Hole 17 – 44 meters This is the shorter hole on the course. Very sloppy gree, so ,we can find problems in terms of how the flag is positioned. The green, fairly large, has slope from right to left with a piano in the center across from side to side.

Hole 9 – 86 meters | Hole 18 – 77 meters This is the most difficult hole of the course and visually imposing. The hole is downhill and the green, which is protected by two big bunkers. This is a great finishing hole.